Our mission is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering. We are a Seattle-based non-profit founded in 2014 by Paul G. Allen.
An illustrated image of two large overlapping white circles on a diagonal. The top left white circle contains the silhouette of a person’s head with an image of a gear inside of the head. The bottom right white circle contains the head of a blue macaw.
Macaw can outperform GPT-3 while being an order of magnitude smaller.

Macaw, an open-source question-answering model that we released in October 2021, just received an interactive upgrade. The new Macaw demo allows you to explore and compare Macaw’s answers to those of popular language model GPT-3 over our benchmark challenge dataset of 300 questions. You can filter by question category, and…

The first official lunch with our new teammates at AI2 headquarters

AI2 is committed to AI for the betterment of humanity. Since 2014, our world-class research and engineering efforts have been geared toward advancing the field of AI in domains including natural language processing, computer vision, machine reading, scientific document understanding, and machine reasoning. …

Varun Puri, Entrepreneur in Residence at the AI2 Incubator

What were you up to before AI2?

I have spent several years in India and East Africa and think there’s a large need to provide affordable internet across the world. I was a Product Manager on Project Taara at GoogleX where we were trying to bring high-speed internet to unconnected areas using invisible lasers. Prior to that…

Tim Mulligan, incoming CHRO at AI2

The Allen Institute for AI is pleased to announce that Tim Mulligan is joining our leadership team as Chief Human Resources Officer this August. Tim is the first CHRO at AI2, coming on board right as our institute gains several important applied AI conservation projects that were previously part of…

Note: This post will be updated with relevant information as this exciting transition develops. Last updated 10 August 2021.

Vulcan, Inc.’s suite of conservation projects will join AI2 in the fall of 2021.

Vulcan, Inc.’s suite of conservation-related projects and the talented teams behind them will join AI2 in September of 2021. This move will combine world-class research, engineering, product resources, and talent to…

Tushar Khot, Sr. Research Scientist at AI2

What put you on the path to your current role?

After graduating from NIT Trichy in India, I worked at Google Bangalore for two years. I always had an interest in AI/ML and after working on a couple of projects in Google, I felt the need to pursue this interest more seriously. I joined the Ph.D. program at the University…

We recently launched the ObjectNav, Rearrangement, and ALFRED challenges at the CVPR 2021 Embodied-AI Workshop. These challenges require AI agents to navigate environments, rearrange rooms, and follow complex instructions in the AI2-THOR environment. Our goal with these challenges is to encourage researchers to work on this important problem and to…

Chelsea Haupt, Product Manager at AI2.
Chelsea Haupt, Product Manager at AI2

What put you on the path to your current role?

Having found a passion for science, research, teaching, and project management while in graduate school, I decided to take a more “non-traditional” career path for a Ph.D. chemist and enter the business sector. …

Sanjana Chintalapati, UW Allen School junior and AI2 scholarship recipient.

This week, AI2 and the UW Allen School are proud to announce that junior Sanjana Chintalapati is the recipient of the 2021 Allen AI Outstanding Engineer Scholarship.

AI2 offers this scholarship to one outstanding engineering student from an underrepresented group each year as part of our ongoing efforts to encourage…


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